Where does B. Re and Sons pork come from? 

We are proud to use only Australia pork sourced from Linley Valley as well as quality farms in the Eastern States.


How long will my smallgoods keep?

This varies depending on the product.  Most hams have 6 weeks from pack date.  Whole dried products such as prosciutto up to 12 months.  Each product will have the expiry date included on the pack. More information on shelf life is available on the product pages.


Can I freeze my smallgoods?

Smallgoods can be frozen, although fresh is always best.


What is the best way to store my Christmas ham?

Wrap in a slightly damp ‘Ham Bag’, tea towel or pillowcase to retain freshness.



What supermarkets stock B. Re and Sons products?

Available from most IGA Stores, Spudsheds and Farmer Jacks.   


What is the difference between Coppa and Lombo?

Coppa is made from the pork neck and Lombo the loin, both are dried products aged over time to ensure a rich taste.