Christmas Ham 101

Christmas Ham 101

How to Carve Your Christmas Ham

Your ham is sorted. The prefect centrepiece on your beautifully decorated Christmas table. Now it’s time to enjoy. Follow these steps on how to carve your ham like a pro. Quick tip – whether you have glazed and heated your ham or enjoying it fresh, be sure to let it rest before carving.

Step 1

Start by placing the ham, skin side up. Run a small, sharp knife under the rind. Carefully cut around the bottom and side of the ham until you reach about halfway up.

Step 2

Slide hand under the skin and gently ease the rind away from the fat.

Step 3

Slice the ham by running your knife length-ways along the bone.

Step 4

Only slice what you need. Fold rind back over the ham and place in a Ham Bag to maintain freshness. Store in the fridge.

How to Store Your Christmas Ham

Soak your Ham Bag in a solution of 2 cups of water and 1 tablespoon of white vinegar. Squeeze out excess water but keep the cloth damp and place the ham in the bag. Repeat the soaking process every 3 days or as needed to maintain freshness. Store in the coolest past of the fridge (below 4°C)

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