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Originated in Italy, this gourmet specialty has been perfected by B.Re and Sons over the years. Our locally made Prosciutto will take you back to the flavours of Italy from your very first bite. Made from a full leg of pork, salted, pressed, cured and dried over many months for a full flavour. Resting the Prosciutto is key for the development of its perfect taste.

Ideal on Antipasto platters, as an accompaniment to vegetables, pasta sauces, pizza, wrapping meats such as veal and chicken or, for something special, try wrapping it around a slice of cantaloupe.


500gm 150gm
Slices Per Pack (Average) 34 8
Slice Thickness 1mm  1mm

Available in:

  • Prosciutto Ezy Slice (4kg Approx.)
  • Sliced 500gm (Map Trays)
  • Prosciutto Sliced 150gm

Nutritional Information:

Average Per Serve
Average Per 100gm
Energy 669kj 1340kj
Protein 7.7g 15.3g
Fat Total 11.9g 23.9g
Fat Saturated 4.8g 9.6g
Carbohydrates 0.5g 1.0g
Sugars 0.5g 1.6g
Sodium0 662mg 1320mg
Allergens N/A


Pork (95%), Salt, Dextrose (Corn Flour), Preservative (250 (Nitrate),
Fermented Red Rice, Herbs and Spices

Shelf Life:

12 months from pack date


Chiller 0 – 4 ° C