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Originated in Western Central Europe this finely cut salami is lean compared to Southern European salami. The meat is ground fine with small amounts of fat. The flavour comes from select mixed spices giving it a subtle taste and soft texture. The 100g packs are an ideal size, suitable for sandwiches. A popular choice.


500gm 100gm
Slices Per Pack (Average) 42 8
Slice Thickness 1.75mm  1.75mm

Available in:

  • Bulk Whole (2.5kg) – Hot and Mild
  • Sliced 500gm
  • Sliced 100gm
  • Hungarian Thin
Made in Australia from at least 98% Australian ingredients using 100% Australian pork.

Nutritional Information:

Average Per Serve
Average Per 100gm
Energy 720kj 1400kj
Protein 12.3g 24.6g
Fat Total 13.0g 26.0g
Fat Saturated 3.3g 6.6g
Carbohydrates 0.7g 1.4g
Sugars 0.6g 1.2g
Sodium 822mg 1640mg
Allergens N/A


pork 95%, salt, dextrose (corn flour), preservative (250 (nitrate)), fermented red rice, herbs and spices, starter culture

Shelf Life:

12 weeks from pack date.


Chiller 0 – 4 ° C